As a divorce and paternity lawyer practicing in Miami, I find family law to be the area of law in which I can provide the most meaningful service to solve problems that impact lives on a daily basis.

It’s why I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to representing people–perhaps just like you–who need legal representation in a divorce, paternity or domestic violence case.  Sometimes, that means going back to court to change child support or time-sharing and not starting a new case.  But, regardless of what the specific legal problem is, I’ve dedicated my career to help people solve them.

“You know how people facing a divorce or paternity case have a hard time making sure they can protect their rights in the legal system to see their children or rights to property?  … Well, I help with those problems.”  ~ Vivian C. Rodriguez, Esq.

In choosing to become a divorce and paternity attorney, I have the opportunity to help families navigate the Miami divorce court system more efficiently given their particular circumstances, whether it’s a new or old divorce or paternity case, or a case of domestic violence.  Once you enter our family court system, the legal process necessary to solve problems dealing with custody or paternity can become complex very quickly.  Competent legal assistant can make the difference between safeguarding a right or unknowingly waiving it forever.

As your divorce or paternity lawyer, my job is to zealously represent you. While I’m aggressive in litigating any matter, I’m also mindful that a settlement may present a better option in achieving your best interest.

Legal representation is not just about litigating.  It is also about providing you a balanced assessment of your case throughout the representation so you can make informed decisions that you deem to be in your best interest.  Once you determine what you want to do, my job is to get it for you within the bounds of the law and professional rules.  I will litigate a case always keeping an eye out for better or more sensible approaches to getting you what you want.

As part of my services, I will provide advice on alternatives to litigation, like mediation and collaborative law, which are making inroads into our culture as excellent tools for solving disputes.  For issues related to family law in particular, these two tools can be a good thing, especially if your case involves children.  I am excited about these developments.  I think they have a lot of potential to  do good in both safeguarding a person’s legal rights in the family law arena as well as having a better chance to preserve family relationships once the legal process is finished.

My family and I have lived in Miami for over 40 years–most of my life, actually.  I love the cultural diversity of the City; and the opportunities it offers to meet people from many cultures, learn about them and how to best help them in solving their family legal disputes. ( As a coffee junkie, I like to find out about the coffee from different cultures!)

I hope you will find this site useful in finding information on family legal issues, whether you are headed to court or want to use any of the other avenues available to resolve disputes.

Always remember that the information provided on this site is provided as a starting point in your search for information, and is not legal advice.  None of this information will create an attorney-client relationship between me and you, the visitor to this site.

You can contact me at 305-710-9419 or email me at

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