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On this page you will find articles about Florida family law, specifically for divorce and paternity.

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Florida Divorce Paperwork-Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

Fl Child Support-What Does It Pay For?     (or  Video)

Flat Fees in a Contested Divorce

The Divorce Process When Trying to Avoid Divorce

Divorce with Children: Holiday Time-Sharing

Social Sites and Divorce

Florida Divorce: The Truth About a Kinder, Gentle Divorce

Florida Uncontested Divorces-Should You Hire Attorneys Found on the Web?

Florida Divorce-What We Can Learn From Celebrity Divorces

Florida Child Support Enforcement – Use the State or a Private Attorney?

Florida Divorce-The 1 Thing to Know to Represent Yourself

Florida Divorce & Paternity – Depositions: What Are They & When Are They Used

Florida Child Support in a Divorce: No Child Support is NOT an Option


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