Earlier this month I wrote about how to prepare to help your child with a divorce. The stress of a divorce aside, most of us may remember how difficult it was to put our emotions into words as we were growing up.

So much of what we learn as children affects our lives that it is never too early to learn habits that will improve our emotional and mental health. When we are able to speak about what we feel, we lessen our feelings of anxiety, stress and inadequacy.

How do you get kids to talk about what they feel, especially young ones?  And why is that important?

An enterprising Mom, Theresa Claire, was having the same issues in terms of getting her children to communicate what they felt. She began doing research about how to get them to tell her more and what this could mean for her children’s well being.  She was looking for a way to introduce her children to thinking about emotions in a manner that would stick with them for the rest of their lives.  Eventually, she teamed up with Dr. Melanie Pearl to develop The Game of Mixed Emotions.

Claire began selling her game locally in Connecticut, where parents and teachers loved the game for their kids. She has observed that “childhood anxiety and depression are on the rise, and many parents are struggling to keep up with their kids, just as kids are struggling to explain how they feel”. She is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to promote her game.

Unlike games flooding the market for smartphones and tables, The Game of Mixed Emotions is a card game, designed to be played face-to-face—it is in real life and in real time, as opposed to virtual life in real time.  The market is flooded with apps for smartphones and tablets targeted at children. These apps don’t encourage relating to others one-to-one/face-to-face, even if they bring you face to face via screens.

I can see parents in a divorce using these cards to play games that will let children more easily express feelings.  It’s a good option for playing with your children during your time-sharing.  This game will be entertaining to your children, especially if you’re new at coming up with things to do with your kids that don’t involve expensive trips to malls, game stores and the like; it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.  (I hate to use the cliché “quality time” because what other kind of time would you want to spend with kids? But so many relate to the term…).

At its core, The Game of Mixed Emotions is a family game.  I hope she is successful with it so that parents can have a fun game to turn to.  Support her campaign at this link.

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