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I tend to think of bullying as part of the problem of domestic violence, only more public. It tends to happen in environments that somehow foster a climate of silence, of tacit acceptance. Just like domestic violence.

And just like domestic violence, it is unacceptable.

The documentary “Hear Me Now” will be released in early […]

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Acts of domestic violence have repercussions in the lives of victims and children long after the act itself may have been forgotten by abuser.

From my perspective, the most helpless of victims are the children who either suffer acts of domestic violence or witness them in the home. has a page with […]

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To be able to get a restraining order against someone who is threatening you with violence or otherwise engaging in acts that constitute domestic violence, you must file a petition.

In cases of domestic violence in Miami, the Clerk provides an intake system for the Domestic Violence Division. Victims of domestic violence […]

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Last week Stann Givens wrote a blog entry on the Huffington Post about When Divorce Turns Deadly, which told the story of an associate’s reactions to the killing of her client by the husband in a divorce case.

While the post itself is illustrative of this problem, I found the comments more interesting in […]

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