Lately I’ve gotten quite a few questions about zero-ing out a Florida child support obligation. I figured that if three people have a question about this, then there’s probably many more out there wondering about the same thing.

Essentially, the question goes along the lines of: If I get equal time (what non-lawyers think of as split custody) with my children, I don’t have to pay support right? (A leading question if I ever heard one). Not necessarily.

The Florida child support tables are a combination of the time the children spend with either parent and the net income of both parties. Without going into an actual example that I guarantee will make your eyes glaze over after I’m done with the numbers, it is possible for one parent to pay some amount of support to the other even if they have a an even split on the annual overnights.

If you are interested in making a calculation, visit Florida Supreme Court Online Guidelines Worksheet – you must print your work because once you exit the form, the information will be lost.

If you want to know more about child support in Florida see How to Calculate and Understand Florida Child Support in Florida.

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