When I was little, my paternal Grandmother used to make the best fried chicken.  This was before we left Cuba (and when there were still plenty of chickens around!). Except for the chicken which was organic, all of it was sinfully tasteful, including the loads of cholesterol that came with it!  Nowadays, I don’t eat chicken, it’s just too rubbery.  Back then I also didn’t know what comfort food was, but her cooking is what I think about when I think of that phrase.

All this came to mind because Megen Sterba, casting producer over at Levity Entertainment Group sent me an announcement for a new reality show about cooking Grandmas—it’s actually called Clash of the Grandmas.

Normally, I don’t watch reality TV; but if I did, this show from the Food Network might just be worth it.

They’re looking for Grandmas to be featured in the show.  So, if you’re a Grandma, have a Grandma or know of one who can dish out great food and zingers, consider this.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

FOOD NETWORK is on the hunt for GRANDMOTHERS to battle it our in a fun cooking throw down!

From tasty entrees to delectable desserts, we are looking for the best dishes by everyone’s favorite cooks — GRANDMOTHERS!

If you have the wit of Betty White and the skills of Betty Crocker, this is your chance to prove that your favorite recipes can stand the test of time!

Do you have a grandma to nominate? Are you a grandma who LOVES to cook? 

To nominate a grandma that you know or to apply for the show, email grandmothercasting@leg-corp.com with location (city, state) in the subject line and include the following:clash-of-thegrandmas

1.) your and/or your nominee’s name,

2.) contact info for you and/or nominee (phone number, email address),

3.) your or nominee’s occupation (or former occupation, if retired),

4.) your or nominee’s location (city/state),

5.) and describe your or your nominee’s cooking or chef experience, cooking style, signature dishes and why you believe that you or your nominee would be perfect for this show!

6.) attach photos of you/nominated grandma (including photos with the kids and/or grandkids and photos of her food if possible)


Along with great recipes and entertainment, we just might also get to relive our fun memories with our grandmothers.