divorce by mail envelopes

Florida divorce by mail

The option of getting a divorce without going to court is one available to any resident in Florida who wants to do an uncontested divorce but does not want to go to court for any reason.

If you are searching for options to do a divorce without getting tangled in the court system and without spending a lot of time and money, then a Florida divorce by mail may be an option you want to consider.

To decide whether a divorce by mail is  an option for you, please keep in mind the following:

  • Either you or your spouse must live in Florida for at least 6 months before filing for the divorce.
  • You and your spouse must agree that you want to do an uncontested divorce;
  • You both must also agree to sign all the documents that need to be signed to get the divorce done by mail, and provide requested documents and information.
  • If you have marital property or marital debt that you have to divide, then you both need to sign an agreement as to what to do with the property or the debt.

The great thing about this divorce-by-mail process is, of course, that no one needs to go to court.

Another good thing about this process for divorce is that you can take advantage of it regardless of where you live in Florida—or, if it’s your spouse that lives in Florida, it doesn’t matter what county they live in.  I recently did a divorce by mail where my client lived in Illinois, but the spouse lived in Florida.  So their divorce was done without either going to court.

But this option is not necessarily suitable for everyone with an uncontested divorce. For example, if you have minor children of the marriage, I don’t think this is a good idea even if your divorce is an uncontested one.  That’s because when there are minor children involved, there is a chance that you may have to go back to court to change something relative the agreement you have concerning the children.  If that happens, then you will have to get the court to transfer your case to your county to avoid having to travel to the county where the divorce was initially filed.

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