No matter how bad things may be going for us individually, there is always someone whose situation is more difficult than ours.

We may not always be able to personally help others who may need it, but we can help from afar through established charities.

If you regularly contribute to charities, it is always a good idea to do a bit of research before sending your funds.  CharityNavigator lets you look into the finances and activities of charitable organizations to make sure that the funds they collect are actually spent on the activities they are raising funds for.

I’ve always favored St. Jude, and think they do a great job for children suffering from various illness and, specifically cancer.  They also make it possible for the children to have their family near while they undergo treatment.  The treatment is free, as is the housing of the parents and food—as they say, “No bills”.  Visit this page to see exactly what it is they do for the children and their families.

I discovered WaterAid.  It’s easy for us living in the US to take water for granted (Flint, MI, notwithstanding).  However, in some parts of the world, finding potable water can be a challenge.  You may automatically think only about Africa if we’re discussing water issues.  But there are countries in The Americas, including right here in the US, where water is still an issue (and not just in Flint).  Water Aid addresses issues of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

My next choice is FeedingAmerica, which addresses hunger right here in the US via their food banks.  On their site, they calculate that $1 dollar buys 10 meals, so that is quite a return for your contribution.

You can easily donate to any of these –or your favorite charity—by visiting their website. It’s secure and quick.

Charity Navigator makes it easy for you to research any organization that you’re thinking about donating.  And, while contributions under the new tax law of 2017 may not be deductible (check with your tax professional) it’s a great feeling to do something for someone else, regardless of amount.