Celebrity Breakups- Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Last week I was reading an excerpt of an interview with Jennifer Garner, in which she of psychedelic-769467_640course spoke about her divorce from Ben Affleck. I consider Ms. Garner an atypical celebrity in that she doesn’t seem to go after headlines for the sake of publicity; she seems very private. In the interview she speaks well of her former husband. This interview excerpt appeared in the Huffington Post, the full interview is at Vanity Fair.

The interview itself comes across as a very honest and positive one.

As heartwarming and hopeful as the story is, what I found most interesting were some of the comments made at Huffington Post. I find most comments anywhere online interesting because people post off the cuff, more unplanned or unrehearsed—in the “heat of the [online] moment” as it were. I didn’t read all of them, but many of those I did read seemed to want to point out that Mr. Affleck is not all that and attributed to him many faults. It’s almost like they were attempting to diminish the good will that Ms. Garner showed in her overall comments towards her former spouse. (And how would they know? No commenter identified themselves as having any connection to this couple!).

Comments aside, this couple seems to have found a way to move forward without all the negative tit-for-tat usually associated with a divorce. Even if, as the article subtly suggests, this might be for the sake of their children, it is certainly a better way to go forward than the alternative, less toxic, and a much more mature way of dealing with the situation.

Florida Alimony Reform- 2016

In October, I wrote a post about Florida Alimony Reform. This morning, the Sun Sentinel has an article about it waiting for the Gov. Scott’s signature. I haven’t read it, and prefer to wait to see if it is signed before dedicating time to reading it.

As I said in my post back in October, as a divorce lawyer, my only preference is to have an informed client.

But the best alimony advice I can give anyone is to make sure that they don’t need it. To my way of thinking, alimony planning is a lot like regular life: plan for tomorrow, but make sure you live today. In practical terms, I mean that if you’re a woman, it is up to you to ensure that you negotiate in your marital relationship for whatever role/skills you think you should have in case the marriage doesn’t work out, choose a mate that understands that a spouse is not a live-in maid, and marriage is a partnership of equals. However, this also goes for men, too, since they too can find themselves in an “untraditional” role in the marriage.

I’m fully aware that there are many arguments out there as to how we women earn less, have more responsibilities, etc. But, while each of us may not be able to change the world overnight or outright for every woman, the power of one is so underrated—we can ensure that we each build the life we want, individually. After all one person is just one, but many ones together is a crowd.

Florida’s Primaries-March 15

Next week we have our primaries on our way to the November presidential elections. If you can vote, I urge you to do so. I myself have to wait until the general elections because I am an NPA—no party affiliation or “independent”.

My Dad and I regularly discuss politics. It was disheartening to me to hear him say that he might not vote this year. I can understand why he (registered Republican) might feel that way, given the choices.

But here is the thing: voting is a privilege denied to many all around the word, a situation we Americans condemn about certain other countries. While the freedom we have let us choose not to vote, integrity really cries out for each of us to cast our vote.

Remember, we may not always get to choose the best; but we can choose the lesser of two apparent evils. So, go out and make your vote count.