It’s easy to concentrate on family safety in times of crisis and disasters, like our recent Hurricane Irma encounter.  However, family safety is always important since many dangers can and do crop up out of our everyday activities.

For Everyday Family Safety

The National Council for Home Safety and Security has a free Guide to Family Safety that provides you information on everyday circumstances that can lead to emergencies for your family and how to best prevent or address them.

The Guide includes tips on:

  • Protecting your home
  • Protecting your children
  • Self-defense and other topics

They also provide you a list of resources so you can prepare yourself to safeguard your family to deal with a variety of issues, including home safety tips, child abduction safety tips, preventing carjacking, and how not to look like a victim, and more.

Just as hurricane preparedness happens before a hurricane strikes us, family safety begins with being prepared before an emergency happens.

Hurricane Irma Relief

I hope that your family and friends are safe – and have power back to deal with our Florida heat!

Hurricane Irma has left us reeling into recovery, for disaster relief if you’re uninsured or under-insured get help from FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or go to to file a claim.

Florida’s DCF has announced that they are providing assistance to replace food destroyed by Hurricane Irma’s impact.


FEMA source: (Accessed 9/22/2017).

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