A few years ago the idea of divorces online would have seemed like a crazy one. Nowadays?  Not so much– tomiami-divorce-onlineday we are making payments, getting an education and being entertained online.

Divorce, though, is not one of those things we can do completely online in Florida.  But I believe we are firmly on our way there.

On the mechanics of things, we can do some things online with the Court, for example:

  • file divorces online,
  • pay filing fees online,
  • get summonses issued online,
  • with some judges, submit proposed orders via email, and
  • receive communications from some departments via email.

But we still cannot get an actual divorce done completely online.

On the practice side of things, there are things we can do electronically (besides advertising, of course). For example, we can

  • receive initial contacts from prospective clients via email, contact page/box,
  • send documents to clients,
  • get paid by clients electronically, meaning without having to take the actual credit card number; examples include PayPal.com, LawPay.com, etc., and
  • provide status on cases if we use cloud services.

But we still cannot get an actual divorce done for a client completely online.

So that brings up the following question about divorce online:

Why are there advertisements for “Divorce Online”?

Strictly speaking, you can start a divorce online by getting the process started or paying to have the forms prepared, where you pay them online, complete the paperwork online, and then they mail them to you so you can file the divorce in court and go to the hearing.  But you are not getting your divorce done online, just getting the paperwork done.

You can get a divorce by mail in some counties in Florida.  This means you can do the paperwork for an uncontested divorce via the online route and then wait for the divorce decree, the final judgment, via mail.  That process is not fast as it takes about 8 weeks to receive the final judgment.  I also don’t recommend it for people who have children and live in a county other than where the divorce is going to be done by mail.  I offer that mail divorce service on NoHearingDivorce.com but only to people who do not have children from the marriage.

I do believe that eventually uncontested divorces will be completed online from start to finish.  The legal field is being transformed by the internet just like any other area of life.  A direct advantage to the parties would be not having to take time off from work to go down to a courthouse for a final hearing.

To see how I use the divorce online idea to do uncontested divorces in Miami, visit Miami Divorce Online.  If you don’t know where your spouse is and want to get a divorce, you can visit this site to find out how I do those in Miami.

For contested or litigated divorces, you can reach me by submitting your contact information using this form.