No matter where you find yourself on the net, you have started seeing the articles on New Year’s resolutions.  They fall into two camps: what to do or how to do it, quicker, better, faster, etc. 

On the what-to-do side of New Year’s resolutions, the offerings are usually the same, in random order: lose weight, meditate more, spend more time with family, be more productive, make more money, get a better job, get a second job, stop to smell the roses more, etc.

The second camp offers shortcuts, a technique or maybe a new gadget that will help you get there.

I thought I’d offer my own version for 2018,  a non-resolution blog entry.

I stopped doing resolutions a while back.  Now I just enjoy the party or gathering.  And I make sure to be careful going back home if the party is not at my home.

The opportunity for a new beginning so encapsulated in a New Year’s resolution is available to us everyday.  What we really want is more love, more compassion and kindness, more freedom, etc. All those things are available every day.  These are the things that mattered in 2017 and will matter in 2018.

Sometimes I think that we are looking from the wrong end of things.  I think we have to be and do to get these things, not just want and wish for them.

For example, if we want more love we first have to give love.  Whether to your spouse, a child, a pet, a friend, the act of being loving is probably the easiest way to have “more love.”

Same with compassion or any other positive feeling we may want in any area of life.

I wish you and your family lots of health and love, and a universe of opportunities each and every day.

As always, if you drink, don’t drive…that’s what those rideshare services are for.