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It’s been my experience that most persons looking for a free consultation mostly ask general questions.

This doesn’t help you to make the most effective use of meeting with a lawyer because your general questions can be answered with just information.  If you are looking for general information on divorce, children’s issues during a divorce, domestic violence, and paternity, then you will find a lot of that on this site, the Florida Statutes or any other lawyer’s site.

The value of meeting with a lawyer is in having the lawyer apply the legal principles of divorce (the “information” you are probably looking for) to your case. For example, there is a right to alimony. If you have questions about alimony, you may be asking yourself some on these questions: “Can I get alimony?” “If so, what kind?’ “For how long?” Or, “Will I have to pay alimony?” In this example, the question of alimony will depend on the specifics facts of your case, not just on the fact that you are married and divorce laws provide for alimony.

This site  provides free divorce information for divorce in Florida.  It does the same as to free information for paternity cases and domestic violence in Florida.  Usually, this general information will answer most routine questions asked in a traditional free consultation because it is based on what most people look for when they have questions about those two family law issues.

Beyond general information, people look for specific advice as to their situation.  Neither this site nor most sites online will be able to provide that to you or anyone else.

I do not provide free consultations as I think they have a very limited use to the prospective client.   Frankly, it is a waste of both your time and mine.

Your time with me or any other lawyer is better spent getting information that is specific to your case after the lawyer is properly informed about you, your situation and the specific problems you have.

With a Case Assessment Session, I can provide specific divorce advice to your situation since I ask you to provide information about your problem even before we meet so that I can adequately prepare just for your situation.


The difference between a case assessment session and a free consultation for divorce is in preparation.

In a free consultation, you show up, sit in front of the lawyer; and essentially proceed to tell your life’ story to the lawyer, thinking that everything is important for the divorce.  As a result, the lawyer needs to start fishing out the important (relevant) details to be able to give you advice regarding your divorce  or paternity problem.  Most of your time in a free divorce consultation will be spent on providing this information.  At the end, the lawyer will have to provide a best guess scenario given the information they have been able to get from you and the available time to the lawyer and you.

With a case assessment session, the process is different, because all of the relevant facts will have been collected before you sit down with me to talk about the legal issues in your divorce or paternity.

Again, the difference between a case assessment session and a free divorce consultation-or one for a paternity case-is preparation before you meet the lawyer.  This is essential so you can get an idea of what you are facing, legally speaking, before you even get into court.

The interesting thing about the case assessment session is that it forces you–the prospective divorce client–to do some preparation as well, in an orderly manner.  You not only provide information, but you get to provide documents you want me to review even before we meet.

Case Assessment Sessions are beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • you want to file for divorce or paternity action but don’t know your legal rights and obligations as they apply to your case;
  • you have been served with a petition in a family action, either divorce, paternity or domestic violence, and what to know specifically what your rights are, what to expect, what are the options available to you, etc.;
  • you want to enforce a provision of a final judgment of dissolution or paternity; or you want to enforce a provision in an agreement adopted by the court in your case; and want to know to know the law as it applies at that stage of a case;
  • you simply have questions related to any of the above.

How to Take Advantage of a Case Assessment Session

**I do not provide this service for uncontested divorce or paternity actions.  For uncontested divorces I provide flat fee service for divorces, with or without children.  You can find out more information about those services here**

To take advantage of a Case Assessment Session, the process is simple:

  • I will contact you and we provide you a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us before we meet.  This information lets me prepare for our meeting by evaluating your case based on your individual circumstances.
  • we schedule the Session as soon as possible, given your schedule and mine.
  • the Session lasts as long as necessary to discuss possible solutions and probable outcomes of your case.

The fee for the Case Assessment Session is $250.00, payable at the time you schedule your Session.  If, at the end of the Session you want to retain me and I think I can help you, the fee is deducted from the initial fee paid upon you engaging me as your attorney, resulting in a free Case Assessment Session to you.

To request the questionnaire and schedule a Case Assessment Session, please fill out this request for me to call you; or call us when you’re read at 305-710-9419.

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