Legal Representation in Contested Divorces in Miami, Florida


Contested divorces are those in which you and your spouse do not agree on one or more questions that need to be decided in connection with dissolving your marriage.  These questions can be anything, from questions about the children (if there are any), to questions about division of property and debt; etc.

If you are served with divorce papers, you will have 20 days to take some action in the case. DO NOT ignore the time frame!  Being served with the divorce papers sets in motion a lot of rules and deadlines, and you need to prepare for those.

You can, of course, choose to represent yourself in a contested.  But if your spouse has a lawyer, you need to know that it will not be an easy process for you.  If you decide to represent yourself in a contested divorce in Florida, you will be held to the same standards as those of a lawyer who is reasonably competent.

We consider taking contested or litigated divorce cases only after an initial case assessment session (CAS).

If you are the one starting the divorce litigation, a case assessment sessions evaluates your case within the framework of existing family law and let’s you know what a probable outcome may be.  This is particularly important if you have some expectations that are not supported by the law because it let’s you know what can happen or what you can expect, how long it may take and what it is likely to cost you.

Generally speaking, if you have been served with divorce papers ( petition for dissolution of marriage and other documents), I ask that you send them to me before our meeting.  This will let me review them thoroughly so that I can provide you as much information and advice during the session as possible.  You will get information on the on the probable outcome of what your spouse is trying to get through the legal process, how to defend against the allegations in the petition, what can be done to take an offensive position within the framework of existing family law; and, of course, what it is likely to cost.

The session also lets each of us decide whether we want to work with each other; namely, whether I am the kind of lawyer that can work with you or whether you are the kind of client I can help and work with.

If you anticipate getting a  divorce that it is going to be a contested or litigated divorce, or if you have been served with petition for dissolution and wish to  schedule a case assessment session, please visit schedule a Divorce Case Assessment Session

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