FloridaUncontested Divorce – Should You Hire Attorneys Found on The Web?


It’s no secret that attorney advertising, just like everything else, has made it online.  Any online search will return not only information about divorce but also lots of attorney advertisements. Of course, these ads include ads for uncontested Florida divorces.

But how do you know you are dealing with a real attorney?  How can you find out more about the attorney from a source other than their website?

I recently had this discussion with a client who found me through an online search for uncontested divorce lawyer in Miami, Florida.  After speaking on the phone with me, I sent him a questionnaire and a retainer agreement to complete and make payment; he completed the documents and faxed them to me.  Afterwards, he says he had second thoughts about hiring me without meeting me, including wondering whether I was a real attorney or just someone with a web site and phone.

These are real concerns, especially when we are constantly hearing about scams involving the internet and fraudulent transactions.

Fortunately, for those looking to do their uncontested Florida divorces and use the convenience of hiring attorneys who, like me, have taken advantage of technology to deliver affordable solutions to legal problems, there is an easy way to verify that the attorney you want to hire is, in fact, an attorney.

The Florida Bar provides a search feature for you to determine if the person you are about to hire is a practicing attorney.  All you need is a name and a visit  Find a Lawyer at The Florida Bar site to find out more about them.

For Florida uncontested divorces, many of my clients meet me for the first time on the day of the final hearing.  But between the time they phone me and the time they meet me, we both work together to make sure that their uncontested divorce goes according to plan.  Visit this page if you’d like to see how to get an uncontested divorce using that process.


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