Florida Divorce – What We Can Learn From Celebrity Divorces


In late in 2009, and so far this year three very famous people have either gotten a divorce or are in the process of getting one:  LeAnn Rimes in late 2009; Sandra Bullock just finalized hers, and Tiger Woods’ divorce appears to be winding down.(Let’s not forget Madonna’s divorce which ended with the scratching sound of pen being put to paper as they signed a settlement agreement).

What these divorces all seem to have in common is the lack of hot-and-heavy courtroom action; namely, they all seem to be settling behind closed doors and away from the prying eyes of the public, and in relatively short time.

By general standards these couples all seem to have the necessary ingredient to make theirs a really expensive, long, litigated divorce:

  • lots of money to fight about (at least, a lot more than the average couple)
  • access to the proverbial expensive divorce lawyers, and
  • (probably) large egos

So why don’t they turn into courtroom battles?

I’m willing to guess because of the following:

  • divorce law doesn’t deal with the emotional fallout of a divorce: as far as the law  is concerned, the only thing left to do is workout the details of the mundane.  If the couple doesn’t decide what to do with what they have, the court will.  Better to get along one last time to decide on those things in a way both can accept, and save your money by not spending it on litigation.
  • part of hiring divorce lawyers is listening to the advice you pay for: if the lawyer is giving you the nitty-gritty on the likely (not guaranteed) outcome of who gets what, etc. under the law, and also tells you to consider negotiations to try to get as much without a courtroom battle; then negotiations might be a better alternative to litigation.
  • keeping the details private: In Florida divorce proceedings are a matter of public record; generally, this is so in other jurisdictions as well. In negotiations, however, you can agree to keep a good deal of your finances and information as private as possible.

These celebrities are famous for their talent or ability, not for their ability to spend money getting a divorce. The details of their divorce settlement don’t matter except to the extent that they chose how to workout those details in a way that works for them, without expensive divorce litigation and without years of courtroom drama.

If you are headed for a Florida divorce, you too might benefit from avoiding divorce litigation.

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