“How to Prepare for A Paternity Case Before You See a Lawyer or Go to Court”



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Parents who have a child in common but are not married have rights and obligations as to that child.

Usually, rights and obligations to a child are not a problem when the parties are still together. The problems usually start when the parents separate, and this is why it’s important to get those rights and obligations established as soon as possible.

If you are the father or the mother with a child born outside of a marriage relationship, find out:

  • How to preserve your rights as to child or children
  • How what you agree to or get at trial in the case will affect what you can do later if you have to go back to court for any changes.
  • How to decide if you need a lawyer and what you need to do before you meet with one
  • How to pay for legal fees or find other help.

Along with the whitepaper, you will receive:

    • “5 Common Mistakes People Make In Divorce Court.”  These mistakes apply to any action and not just in divorce cases.

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