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Case Assessment Session

I provide an evaluation of your divorce or paternity case during an initial session, a Case Assessment Session.  I do not provide free consultations.  For more information on case assessment sessions, please visit Case Assessment Sessions.


Uncontested Divorce – Flat-fee divorce for parties who are in agreement on all issues related to their divorce.

Contested or Litigated Divorces – Contested divorces are those where the parties are not in agreement as to one or more issues related to their divorce.  Fees for these divorces are offered on either a flat-fee or hourly-fee basis.  If you are facing an uncontested divorce (or are unsure as to whether it will be uncontested) and decide to engage me to represent you , you will have the opportunity to choose from a flat fee or hourly fee basis for services to be rendered.  See the Uncontested and Contested section in Divorce in Florida on this site for more information on the litigation of a divorce and  the Litigation section, below,for the types of cases for which litigation services are provided.

Paternity Cases

Whether you need to establish paternity of a child or need to modify a provision of an agreement or final judgment of paternity as to parental responsibility, time-sharing or child support, I offer a Case Evaluation Session  on the same terms as for divorces generally.  If you decide to engage me to represent you, you will also have the opportunity to decide on what fee basis-flat fee or hourly fee- you wish to engage me.


As a Florida family law attorney, I litigate for and provide legal representation to individuals who need to:

  • get a divorce and protect their rights and define their obligations relative to their children, property, debt, and alimony;
  • modify or change issues concerning children, including child support and time-sharing provisions; or alimony;
  • enforce the Final Judgment or provisions of their marital settlement agreement or divorce decree;
  • establish rights and obligations in the paternity of a child, including providing for parental responsibility, time-sharing and child support provisions;
  • protect themselves from domestic violence; and
  • defend themselves when unfairly accused of domestic violence.

See How We Work for information on my general approach to family cases.  However, each case is different, and will require a particular case strategy, which may be revised depending on developments in the case.

Services Related to Mediation / Settlement:

In Florida‘s Family Court, any contested matter that will be tried must first be mediated. Mediation or settlement conferences are a great tool for you, as a party in a contested matter,  to try to settle your differences with your spouse or other party in a paternity before you spend a lot of money and energy in participating in a full trial.

More couples in divorce and paternity cases are realizing that we divorce and paternity lawyers can do more for you than just litigate.  In fact many of us can negotiate through mediation or settlement conferences and get you pretty good results–I would dare say than better than anything you think you can get in court because no lawyer or party knows what the judge will decide after a trial.

There is a reason why celebrities such as Madonna, Tom Cruise, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez and many more, go through divorces where they negotiate through the lawyers–other than reports in the tabloids about a divorce, no one ever really hears about the divorce proceedings.

To find out more about mediation see

To find out more information about me and my experience, click About Vivian C. Rodriguez.

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