Uncontested Divorce in Miami, Florida


Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

A married couple may decide to end their marriage through an uncontested divorce for many reasons.

The benefits of an uncontested divorce in Florida for you include:

  • ending your marriage in a friendlier manner, especially if you have children from the marriage;
  • reaching an agreement as to parental responsibility and time-sharing with less stress for you and for your minor children, if you have any;
  • dividing your property and debt in a way that works better for you without litigation, which means you save more of those assets for yourself and do not pay them in legal fees;
  • saving time because the uncontested divorce process takes less time– sometimes as little as 3 weeks to get the divorce decree, even if you have kids; and
  • saving money on attorneys’ fees because you can do them for a flat fee

Flat-Fee Services for an Uncontested Divorce-the no headache option

We provide limited representation for your uncontested divorces for a flat fee, plus court costs.

As with any divorce, we can only represent one spouse, and that is usually the spouse that contacts us, but we prepare one agreement which the other spouse can review with his/her own attorney if they want to.

My Flat Fee Divorce service includes:

  • preparation of the required divorce papers
  • assisting with preparation of the mandatory financial affidavit, required if there is child support to be calculated
  • preparation of the marital settlement agreement, as agreed to directly by the parties including, a parenting plan and child support guidelines if there are children from the marriage
  • preparation of the divorce decree (the  final judgment of dissolution of marriage)
  • formally filing the case in court
  • setting the case for hearing
  • preparing you for the divorce hearing
  • representing you in court  on the day of hearing

The Process of an Uncontested Divorce with my Office is Simple:

Once we have collected all the require information and related documents from you:

  • we prepare the required divorce papers for you to review
  • file the case in court
  • get a hearing date and let you know
  • we represent you at the hearing and walk you through to the final steps

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Frequently-Asked Questions About Uncontested Divorces

How long does it take to get an uncontested divorce?

In our office, an uncontested divorce can take two to three weeks from the day we receive all of your divorce documents correctly signed as per our instructions.  However, the process may take a bit longer depending on the availability of the uncontested divorce calendar of the judge assigned to your case.  It may also vary depending on our office calendar as well.

Do both spouses need to attend the hearing of divorce?

No. Only the client spouse, designated as “petitioner”, needs to attend the hearing.  The other spouse is free to attend the final hearing of divorce if he or she chooses to do so.

What can go wrong in an uncontested divorce?

Generally speaking, if the parties have decided to do their divorce as an uncontested one, there is very little that can go wrong.  However, it is impossible to provide a complete list of everything that can go wrong if either one of the parties decides that an uncontested divorce is not what they want.

What can I do to prevent delays in my uncontested divorce?

It is important to follow the instructions provided at every step of the way.  One of the most frequent delays is due to the parties not following the instructions.

What happens if my divorce becomes a contested or litigated divorce?

The most obvious answer is that you will not be able to use the uncontested divorce process.  A litigated divorce is a very different process; and also takes longer and costs more than an uncontested divorce.

If we have minor children, can we get divorced without including a child support amount in the divorce?

No.  When there are minor children, the divorce decree must include an amount for child support pursuant to the child support guidelines. Whether you enforce it if the other parent does not pay is a different question.

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