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We provide services in connection with divorce, paternity, and domestic violence in Miami, Florida.

The law provides rights and obligations for these relationships which sometimes need to be formally established through court action, either through negotiation prior to formal filing in court or beginning the action by formally filing it in court.

Our Clients are usually:

A married person (husband, wife, or same-sex partner)  facing a divorce who needs representation to:

  • Protect rights granted by the laws of Florida as a result of the marriage, such as time sharing, child support, equitable distribution of property and debt (who gets what, and who pays for what) that is either in joint or separate names; rights to alimony as applicable.
  • Accomplish the divorce as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, through either litigation or negotiation while still protecting those rights granted in a marriage;
  • Get a divorce when they don’t know where the other spouse is or if the other spouse is outside the State (divorces by publication).

A former Husband or Wife who needs representation to enforce or modify the terms of the divorce decree, known as the final judgment, including a marital settlement agreement incorporated into it, and which includes, but is not limited to:

  • In the case of children, enforcing the right to be involved in making  decisions for the welfare and upbringing of the child, sharing time with the children as provide in the Final Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement; enforcing child support payments or adjusting the child support payment,
  • In any case, enforcing or adjusting the payment of alimony, and enforcing the division of property provided in the Final Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Whether the final judgment can be amended as to time-sharing provisions, a child support obligation, a division of property, or any other matter arising between the parties since the entry of the divorce decree final judgment.

A Mother or Father of a child from a non-marital relationship who needs representation to:

  • Establish  parental responsibility of children to make decisions regarding the  welfare and best interest of the child, including such matters as education, medical treatment, religious upbringing, etc.
  • Protect  their rights as to spending time (time-sharing) with the child, including traveling with the child, vacation time, celebrating birthdays and other holidays.
  • Rights to information regarding the child’s medical and school  information.
  • Calculate the child support obligation of each parent.

A Person in a situation involving domestic violence, including

  • A person who is the victim of acts of domestic violence.
  • A person who is accused of perpetrating acts of domestic violence upon another.
  • Please note: acts of domestic violence are specifically defined by Florida law, and do not necessarily have to involve physical violence, although that may be the most commonly-known form of domestic violence.  You do not have to be married to someone to be classified as a victim of domestic violence under Florida domestic violence statute, Chapter 741, F.S.


If any of the above situations is applicable to you, contact us for a Case Assessment Session for Florida  Divorce, Paternity or Domestic Violence.

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